Welcome to the Krav Maga Combat System International HQ Krav Maga was developed in order to achieve the highest level of competence within the shortest possible time and to manage violent situations under psychological pressure. Providing physically weaker men and women with the system they will gain a realistic chance of surviving a threat unscathed. Krav Maga is based on instinctive and natural movements and reflexes, which don't need to be trained tediously and are even under extreme psychological pressure quickly retrievable and applicable. Krav Maga Combat System International is a modern development of the defense system Krav Maga with focus on the law enforcement field. Krav Maga Combat System International sets in contrast to many other Krav Maga organizations focus on the law enforcement field. We offer specialized training for police officers, VIP protection, municipal security services, law enforcement officials, military and special units (References are available from the authorities domestic and foreign). Please refer to agency reference on our web page. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to persons whose personality we regard as improper and ineligible in accordance with our moral standards and objectives. We do not teach people against who we actually want to protect ourselves!
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