Director of the KMCS International in Norway Krav Maga Full-Instructor Kapap Instructor Level B 1st Dan Black Belt Goju Ryu karate Certified Trainer, Norwegian Sports Federation (NIF) Member since 2015
Instructor / Representative Infos In recent times, requests are streaming in from all over the world for Representative, Director, Instructor or Black Belt recognition. Here is the explanation why it is not possible: You can only be a Representative, Director, Instructor in Krav Maga Combat System – International, if we know you and your abilities personally and your standard of abilities are on the same level as ours. Representative of the Krav Maga Combat System does not mean the same as KMCS Instructor. The KMCS Basic Instructor Level 3 ranking in Krav Maga Combat System takes about 180 hours. The Full-Instructor training takes about 5-6 years. Krav Maga Combat System has a very high standard and we would like to keep it that way, in this system we don't give any awards / certificates away, it must be hardly earned like any other student with the Krav Maga Combat System.
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Certified KMCS Instructors in Norway
Since 2006
Um einen einheitlichen und qualitativ hohen Standard sicherzustellen beträgt die Gültigkeitsdauer der Instructor Lizenz für die Level 1 - 2 jeweils 1 Jahr und bei der Instructor Lizenz für die Level 3 - 4 jeweils 2 Jahre. Die Teilnahme an KMCS Seminaren oder KMCS Weiterbildungen sind für weitere Lizenzverlängerungen Pflicht. Auf der KMCS Webseite werden nur Instructor gelistet die auch das KMCS System vermitteln! Basic Instructor = Level 1 - 3, Advanced Instructor = Level 1 - 2, Full-Instructor = 1 - 5
Lasse Bruun Brekke (Norway)